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Initiated: December 2003

School children in Haiti December 2003

Haiti/Minnesota including comparison map and suggested resources.

History timeline about U.S. and Haitiacrobat file

THE NEEDS OF HAITI'S POOR - which is most Haitians - are almost infinite; the possible ways of helping Haiti's poor in a constructive way are also numerous.

Here are especially good projects to consider.

1. The Thiotte Project: Fonkoze Bank for the Organized Poor click here. More on Thiotte, click here. For map of Fonkoze bank locations, including proposed Thiotte location, click here.

2. Attractive greeting cards hand made in Cite Soleil, Haiti, through Atelier des Artisans Reunis

Help Haitians help themselves: the essence of dignity...and justice.

A Visit to Haiti, December 6-13, 2003acrobat file

A Visit to Haiti, March 5-11, 2006

An Open Letter to U.S, Policy Leaders April 22, 2006

Flag Day in Haiti, May 18, 2006

Did President Jean-Bertrand Aristide resign February 29, 2004? For two views, click here

"A Visit to Haiti": Reflecting on Haiti a year later: December 13, 2004 click here

Haiti: some reflections surrounding a coup d'etat February 29, 2004

Another day in paradise", posted March 1, 2004

Haiti: Why the dissin' and destroyin'? posted February 19, 2004

Haitian peasant woman along a mountain path, December 2003

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